Saturday, 18 February 2012

Character Concepts

Some of my sketches for a school brief in which we had to create a 14 year old female (named Frankie Smith) in a 'SteamPunk' style. And she's also a monowheel racer (if you're not sure what that is I suggest looking it up because monowheels are just about the coolest thing ever as I have now discovered). I just began with some rough ideas of female faces/ eyes/ noses and I tried to get some personality coming out through these sketches.

And some full body concepts of various 'Frankie Smith' girls. The girl in the top row (fourth along from left) is at a milk bar because I figured that after a hard monowheel race she would go and have a drink at the local bar. And I thought it  approriate to make it a milk bar, because even in steampunk world I'm sure the legal drinking age would be above 14 years...
So! This is what I have been doing over the past week at Freelance, designing characters so that we can model and then rig and finally animate them. I really love designing characters and doing concepts so I found this week to be a very good one!

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