Thursday, 31 May 2012

Toothless and SackBoy and Amphy- oh my!

 Hey guys! I figured I should upload this little dude dude that I made- he's my mini toothless Amigurumi. I made him way back in January but I only found these pictures on my iPod recently of him. He was made just from an online pattern... He's quite hard to see here but he's got wings and a tail and such... and he is made from black wool, though it looks kind of reddy and strange here.

And below is my work in progress when I made SackBoy a couple of months ago. Once again from a pattern I found on the internet (oh you are so marvellous internet).
Just starting his head... or foot. I'm not too sure which one that was actually

All of his limbs scattered everywhere

Everything roughly in place so I can start sewing him up!

Sewn up most of the little dude

HAYY-YAH! Karate chop off his head. Is it sad that this picture still amuses me?

Yay! All done and sewn together!

 And below is both Toothless and SackBoy sitting at my desk at school. Because it's always good to have something to amuse you when Maya crashes and deletes your save files.

 And this is the start of Ampharos! One of my friends' favourite Pokemon is Ampharos, so I decided to make him one (from WolfDreamers pattern). I have done the body and legs but I still need to do the tail and sew it all together. I'll upload a picture when I've completed Ampharos too, but for now you can just enjoy staring at his disembodied head. Because that's not morbid or terrifying at all...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Just a casual Tuesday evening

Just something a bit different for a change. What began as a doodle and spawned into something much more. I really enjoyed doing this though, got to play around with a lot of things and let my frustration out onto digital canvas. What can be better than that?

And so many layers. Which makes a change form my single layered speed-paints. Hooray for mixing things up!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Speed painting update

Hey guys! I haven't been on in a while because of all sorts of things happening in real life. But they are good things, and things are very exciting! I thought I would just update with a speed painting that I did today in the mean time. I'm trying to do so many different things at once, as usual, but some things are slipping by the way-side.

BUT ANYWAY! Here is the speed painting! Enjoy and hopefully soon I can do some proper updates with some other stuff :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Speed painting of sorts

This was my first speed painting without reference! I had a lot of fun palying around with the colours and I tried to get some depth into this image... I find that hard sometimes... I also tried to play around with some of the leading lines and the general composition of this piece and I added the person for a little bit of interest and to add more of a focus for the picture. Done on CS5 as per usual. And now I'm keen to do more of this sort of thing!

Friday, 11 May 2012

There Be Monsters

All the concepts that I've done so far grouped together! I really knuckled down today and got a whole lot of them done. I will start some other ones later, but at the moment I am really happy with these guys! When I get around to adding colour, I'll put the coloured version up but for now it's just tonal pictures allll they way.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Fire Ferrets

Oh dear, once again it's more Korra.
 I can't help it if I love this show, can I?

I watched the new episode today so I decided to make a 'Team Poster' or what I imagine they might have. And yes. That's a fire ferret in the centre. I just gave him funky eye brows and a flame on his head because I could and that's what I imagine their mascot would look like. Not exactly correct, but hey! I was having fun.

Ahhhh I so want to colour this now. I will try and do so when I find some time! :x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Productive Sickness

So I was off school today- stupid winter bugs going around. I thought I would make use of my time at home by doing something useful though, so I started drawing some concepts for the end of term project that we've recieved.

Now, I'm very excited by this because I absolutely adore doing concept art- and any practice is good practice- so I'm really trying to push myself with this project (as well as starting early).

I've also recently checked out this absolutely FANTASTIC artist called Feng Zhu, and for anyone that hasn't checked him out, you're seriously missing out. And from looking at how he does character silhouettes it has inspired me to try that technique out as well! 

So this is my first concept- I've done a few more but they're not quite done- so this is kind of a sneak-peak before I add colour and finish off the rest! I quite like this technique, and I feel like I'm getting a lot more original concepts by using this technique so that's quite rewarding.

And as soon as I'm finished with the others I'll stick them up here. But until then, enjoy this cat/bear/lion/wolf/man/goat thing along with his special club for beating things smaller than him. Hoorah!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What a Slacker!

I've been really slack with updating my blog recently and this is mostly due to the fact that my sister just turned 21! Wooh happy Birthday to her! SO, this meant that my relatives came up and I spent a whole lot of time with them, and I didn't really get a chance to update my blog; but no harm done! I'll try and get back into the Friday routine (or at least once a week) from now on.

OK! Onto the fun stuff! I have some animations which I have done recently. However, I'm having quite a lot of trouble putting them up here... I have put them onto my DeviantART account though without any trouble; found here and also here.

I'll post up some pictures of other things soon though.