Thursday, 14 March 2013

'Hunt' Project Model Pack

 This is the model pack that I created for our group project 'Hunt'. I submitted it yesterday and I was thoroughly excited when one of my tutors told me that I was really "raising the bar" with what I had done! And our other tutor told me that he really liked it and said that it was awesome, so I was over the moon!

I have tried to put as much effort into this as I can, and go above and beyond what is just in the brief specifications because I believe it's worth doing something to the best of your abilities! :)

The characters and gun have been modelled and rigged (by one of my awesome team mates- Isabelle Dela Torre) and I have completed the textures (some minor tweaks still are needed but they are about 98% done I would say).
Those should be popping up some time soon as well, so keep an eye out! :)

Thanks a lot for reading!

Paula :)

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