Tuesday, 31 July 2012

And finally some actual animation!

It's only just occurred to me that I haven't actually put much animation up here at all, so I thought I would upload my latest completed project- a box push. The background is very simple as I was purely concentrating on the animation.

We were instructed to animate a push/ pull/ or weight lift of some sort, so I decided to go with the idea of this little dude pushing a massive box up a ramp. But alas, it's not worth the effort! Anyway, enjoy and leave a comment/ critique if you feel like it. :)

Technical stuff: Maya 2012, using the Buckid Rig.


  1. Not worth the effort? Why is that, it looks really great; the weight is really projected well.

    1. It's not worth the little Orange guy's effort, because he gets crushed by the big box. :) Thanks a lot! :D