Saturday, 21 July 2012

Creature Creation

We had to create our own Alien creatures with a cybernetic suit and that had elements from several different animals. So I begun with some basic sketches to generate some ideas and I also did some animal studies (below).

And some gun studies above (just drawn from pictures of already existing guns for reference and ideas as I actually don't have a clue about what guns, of any sort of variation, look like).
Better put together concept page. I like this better than the last one I did and there are more this time. Hoorah!
 My two favourite designs, but I eventually decided to go with the design on the right because I felt it worked better than Mr. Goat Man.
Just a turn around of my design! I have drawn his arms in the side view, but I haven't put that in in this version. But they do exist!

And I have just about completed modelling this guy, and I have begun to texture him in Mudbox (although I've been finding that it seems a bit of a fickle programme sometimes...) but still, it is good fun to use and hopefully I can get a nice model which looks like my design completed soon!

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