Thursday, 18 October 2012

Earring crafts

These are a set of earrings that I made during the holidays just past- I was getting a bit bored with the ones I had so I felt that it would be good (and productive) to make some of my own.

I used 'Super Sculpy' for all of the main models and just 'eye-balled' the proportions for them, and once they were finished (and properly baked) I painted them with standard acrylic paints and then sprayed them with a waterproof resin spray to help seal them!

I made the pokeballs first, then the companion cubes, Aang and then finally the Master Sword and Shield. I would have to find another way to make the shield and sword next time because they were so fiddly and time consuming... And tiny! The shield is about the size of my thumb nail (or just marginally bigger) so things got pretty hard to paint/ etc later on.

I really enjoy making these however and coming up with ideas of what to do next! And it's always fun to have some geeky stuff to wear subtly around the place. And it's neat when other people recognise what it's from! :)

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