Friday, 1 June 2012

Female Concepts

Every Wednesday after class I've been going to these awesome Photoshop courses run by two different awesome concept artists. It does make a rather long day (13 hours usually as I'm in at 8am and the course finishes at pm) but I think it's totally worth it. And it means that I actually get some time on Photoshop, rather than getting distracted at home. Silly home. :P

And back on topic! Well, this is what I made during the second course. I still haven't finished some of the drawings from my first lesson thing... But I am working on them slowly, so I'll stick them up here once I'm done as well (I say that so often it's crazy- but I do actually intend to).

I was trying out some new things with the colours so the girl on the right looks a little funky. But it's all good fun experimenting with Photoshop! And two updates in as many days? What is this madness!?

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